Mother-in-law announced she’s pregnant at my wedding before I could share my pregnancy’

When it comes to weddings, the focus should be on the happy couple – after all, it is their big day.

But sometimes, there are some people who just can’t help themselves and have to steal the spotlight.

It makes sense if you have big news, as all your nearest and dearest are likely gathered in the same place at the same time, so you could tell them all at once.

Though I don’t recommend you do this, without permission from the bride and groom first as it could put a damper on the occasion.

This is the situation one woman claims to have found herself in, after her mother-in-law decided to make a big announcement during the speeches.

In a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, the unnamed woman explained how she and her husband had a small wedding during the pandemic, during which they’d planned to tell their loved ones they were expecting a baby.

But before her husband could give his toast, his mother had a turn at talking.

The couple didn’t stop her as they thought she was just going to say nice things about them, then she announced that she was pregnant.

The poor bride, 24, was not happy and claims she hasn’t spoken to her mother-in-law since the wedding.

She continued: “After the wedding, I didn’t speak to my mother-in-law for a few days and I got a call from her sister (a guest) to ask what was up. I explained that I felt like the attention was taken away from us without our permission (I would have said no, but still) and it was so unfair to spring that on us.

“Apparently, I ruined my own wedding because I was obviously p***ed off about the good news and that I was being ‘totally selfish’. Maybe I was, but it was my wedding day that was already ruined by a pandemic!

“Husband is on my side though clearly feels a bit uncomfortable telling his mum that, which I get as I don’t want to have this argument directly with a pregnant woman either. The rest of the family has split down the middle (my side and his) because it was such a close family event anyway and ‘we all need some happiness’. Now I’m starting to wonder if I overreacted and spoilt everything.”

More than 700 people have since responded to the Reddit post, with many arguing that the bride has a right to be upset about the situation.

One person said: “NTA. You NEVER make a personal announcement at a wedding without the couple’s knowledge and permission.”

Another wrote: “Honestly, it’s tacky to even ask to do it. Then the bride and groom will feel pressure to say yes. Its their day, just let them have it, planning a wedding is stressful enough.”

A third replied: “It’s kind of ridiculous how angered I am for OP at what the MIL did. I remember when I was engaged and thinking about how livid I would be if someone announced a pregnancy or got engaged or something at my wedding, and I was pretty cool with a lot of untraditional stuff. It’s ABSOLUTELY NEVER okay unless there’s been explicit permission from the couple.”

Someone else added: “Is she having a baby shower? Cause that sounds like a flawless time to announce that you were going to share the big news at your wedding but since family events could always use some extra extra happiness, she’s not the only one who’s pregnant!”