Doorbell camera catches mortifying moment woman ‘forgets how pizza delivery works’

A woman has left people in stitches after posting a video to show an extremely awkward interaction with a pizza delivery driver because she “didn’t know how it worked”.

There’s a few lessons in life that you’re never taught, but instead the world just leaves you to it and expects you to pick it up along the way by observing others.

One of those is the delicious task of ordering a fresh pizza directly to your door, but it’s one that you might want to sit your children down and explain how it works after one customer’s mistake went viral.

TikTok user Breenana999 uploaded a video captured by her doorbell camera, showing her hand over the money to the delivery driver before grabbing the entire bag out of his hands and stepping back to take it into her home to keep forever.

The driver breaks into a smile as he’s not quite sure how to handle the unique situation and the clip has been viewed more than 2.4 million times on the social media platform.

She wrote: “Thinking about the time I grabbed the whole bag from the pizza man because I didn’t know how it worked.”

Adding: “I have so many questions though. Why did he let me grab it? Why didn’t he tell me right away? Why did he let me attempt to open the bag?”

More than 1,800 people commented on the video, as one responded to say: “Lmao and him letting you like ‘thanks fam it was getting a little heavy’.”

A second asked: “Is it your first time on earth?”

A third joked that her actions had imposed the message of: ‘I’m the pizza delivery guy now.”

And another added: “I deliver pizza and this actually happens like somewhat often.”