Gen Z is only just realising what meat actually is and millennials are baffled

We all know that members of Gen Z are more likely than any other generation to follow a plant-focused diet, with many opting to completely forgo any meat produce.

But, what might surprise you is that some Zoomers don’t even know what meat is. No, seriously, they’re genuinely just learning where the meat they eat comes from on Twitter.

The revelation came when YouTuber Quen Blackwell tweeted that she couldn’t believe she had been eating “chicken muscle” and “not just meat.”

“The meat is the muscle on the chicken? We be eating chicken muscle,” she tweeted, “not just meat?”

As you’d expect, several people quickly responded to the tweet by pointing out to her that all meat is muscle, which led to more and more Zoomers confessing they had no idea what they’d been eating.

“I thought it was skin,” one person tweeted, to which another replied: “The whole drumstick is skin??? Right down to the bone? I just wanna understand.”

“I don’t even know, I just figured the skin is thick and there is many layers,” they replied. “Never really thought about it, but in hindsight it makes sense that it’s all muscle.”

The conversation was shared by another Twitter user, who wrote: “Gen Z Twitter finding out what meat is. Thinking about biting into a drumstick of pure chicken skin.”

In the replies, one person joked: “Just wait ’til they find out what eggs are and where they come from.”

“What the f*** are these kids learning in school anymore?” another questioned.

A third added: “These people are old enough to drive, vote, drink, and will some day be in charge of nursing homes. That very thought keeps me awake at night.”

Obviously it goes without saying that many members of Gen Z will know exactly what meat is and where it comes from, but that probably won’t stop Millennials from taking a pop at them at any given opportunity, ay?